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Dan Iverson and Kyle Benson talk about PeopleSoft Administration.
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Jan 20, 2017

This week on the podcast, Sasank Vemana returns to talk about his experience testing Oracle Cloud and using Google Analytics to analyze web traffic. We also discuss the differences in supporting students as end-users.

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Jan 13, 2017

This week, Dan and Kyle talk about writing PTF tests for PeopleTools, running multiple IB domains and trying A CM again. Then, we revisit our strategies for managing PS_APP_HOME when applying selective maintenance.

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Jan 6, 2017

This week on the podcast, Dan and Kyle talk about load balancing all environments or some environments, Diagnostic Plugins and syntax coloring code. Then, they dive into the getting current and how to test PeopleTools Patches.

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Dec 30, 2016

This week on the podcast, Dan and Kyle launch a new course about Deployment Packages. Dan tests out a new text editor and discovers you can run OPatch on MOS. Kyle digs into Jolt Failover options with the IB and brainstorms some great configuration ideas.

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Dec 23, 2016

This week on the podcast, Dan tries a different Remote Desktop tool, using RSS feeds to monitor PeopleSoft data and comparing SQL Explain Plans with SQL Developer. Then Kyle gives a great overview of the PeopleSoft Test Framework and what you need to know before using it.

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Dec 16, 2016

This week on the podcast Dan and Kyle talk about the new CFO tool, applying CPU patches with the DPK, and how the DPK could improve with newer versions of Puppet. Then Dan digs into the new Security Deployment tool and how you can use it improve security migrations.

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Dec 9, 2016

This week on the podcast, Dan and Kyle talk about a ransomware attack, load balancer health checks, applying POC patches and complain about minor annoyances in Change Assistant. Kyle shares a story about a misbehaving pagelet and how he investigated the issue.

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Dec 2, 2016

This week on the podcast, Dan and Kyle talk about Elasticsearch, using Powershell with SSH libraries, why the DPK doesn’t merge Hiera data, and how they format SQL files. Then Dan explains a new REST-based web service he built with new features in PeopleTools 8.55.

Show Notes

Nov 25, 2016

This week on the podcast, Kyle recaps his successful HR 9.2 go-live and shares a few lessons learned. Dan and Kyle talk about encrypting password in YAML files, conditional navigation and PeopleTools CPU patches. Dan finishes the podcast by sharing his story about a spontaneous stress test.

Show Notes

Nov 18, 2016

This week on the podcast, Colton Fischer joins us to talk about 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) and Event Mapping. Colton explains what 2FA is, how to implement it, and how he used Event Mapping to add it to PeopleSoft. We also talk about Servlet Filters and using REST-based API’s with PeopleTools.

Show Notes

Nov 11, 2016

This week on the podcast we welcome back Wayne Fuller to talk about Elasticsearch. Wayne gives an excellent introduction into using Elasticsearch with PeopleSoft, some lesson’s learned from his testing, and highlights the benefits of switching to the new search tool. 

Show Notes

  • Testing Elasticsearch @ 1:00
  • Elasticsearch and IB Changes @ 5:00
  • Shards and Replicas @ 8:00
  • Elasticsearch Infrastructure @ 13:00
  • Elasticsearch Speed @ 17:15
  • Search Framework Architecture Changes @ 18:00
  • Integration Broker Impacts @ 25:00
  • Attachment Processing @ 28:00
  • Planning an Elasticsearch Deployment @ 31:30
  • Improving the Search Framework @ 38:30
  • Elasticsearch REST Interface @ 42:45
  • Health Center and Elasticsearch @ 46:00
  • Delete Processing @ 50:00
  • Beta Testing Experience @ 55:30
Nov 4, 2016

This week on the podcast, Charlie Sinks joins us to talk about everything we learned at the Upper Midwest Regional User Group meeting. We talk about PeopleTools 8.56, changes in Lifecycle Management, Fluid adoption, Elasticsearch, Dan’s DPK session, and much more.

Show Notes

  • Benefits of the Roundtable @ 3:30
  • Roundtable Topics:
    • Extending 9.1 Support @ 5:15
    • Current Versions of PeopleTools @ 6:30
    • Fluid, Fluid, and more Fluid @ 8:45
    • Classic Plus @ 10:45
    • Classic Pages and Support @ 14:00
    • Elasticsearch in 8.55.11 @ 17:45
    • Getting started with Decoupled Homes @ 25:30
    • Conditional Navigation @ 32:00
    • 9.2 Upgrade and Tools? @ 35:45
    • PeopleTools 8.56 Details @ 39:30
      • Selective Adoption
      • ACM
      • Event Mapping
      • BI Publisher
      • The “PeopleSoft” name
  • Dan’s DPK Talk @ 52:00
  • LifeCycle Management
    • PTF, Usage Monitor and PTF Upgrade Utility @ 57:00
    • PUM Environments for Testing @ 61:30
    • How to determine the PeopleSoft Image you are on @ 67:45
    • Keeping older PeopleSoft Images @ 72:15
    • Best Practices for Lifecycle Management Red Paper @ 78:00
    • PUM Analytics @ 79:00
Oct 28, 2016

This week on the podcast we celebrate 1 year of podcasting with JR Bing. JR talked with us about his Vagabond project for managing PeopleSoft Images, how he uses RunDeck to simplify daily administration tasks, being a Mac user and using GitHub to manage projects and code.

Show Notes

Oct 21, 2016

This week on the podcast, Kyle and Dan record from the Elastic{on} Conference in Chicago. We attended the conference to learn more about Elasticsearch and the Elastic platform. The tl;dr, we are excited about the future of the Elasticsearch and the Elastic ecosystem. We also talk about purging log files, Change Assistant and passwords, and sharing PSPing results.

Show Notes

  • Windows 2016 is Out @ 1:00
  • PSPing Results @ 2:45
  • Extract Data Mover DML Statements @ 4:30
  • Wiki to OneNote @ 6:45
    • Control-Enter will create a new row in a OneNote table
  • Change Assistant and Passwords @ 16:00
  • Vagrant Introduction @ 20:45
  • How do you do it? Purging Log Files @ 23:15
  • Elastic{on} Recap @ 28:15
    • Expanding on Elasticsearch with PeopleSoft @ 41:00
Oct 14, 2016

This week on the podcast, Kyle gives a great overview Enterprise Manager and how he is using it for database refreshes and more. Dan and Kyle also discuss PeopleCode formatting, how they manage the xdo.cfg file and fixing CORS issues in PeopleTools 8.55.

Show Notes

Sep 30, 2016
This week on the podcast we interview Mark Danielson and talk about automating user security in PeopleSoft. Mark shares how he removed manual security changes from HR and Time and Labor. We finish the podcast talking about what makes good Admin’s and Developers.
Show Notes
  • User Security Automation Workflow @ 5:00
  • Reducing Security Requests and Issues @ 16:00
  • Reporting and Auditing Security Changes @ 20:00
  • Building Powerful Role Queries @ 22:15
  • Starting User Security Automation @ 24:00
  • Developer Perceptions of PS Admin’s @ 27:30
  • Every Environment is Production @ 31:30
  • What Makes a Good Developer @ 36:00
Sep 23, 2016

This week on the podcast, Kyle and Dan talk about announcements from Oracle Open World. We hit the highlights for PeopleSoft Administrators and grade our predictions from last week. Dan also shares why Windows 95 was connecting to PeopleTools 8.55 environments.

Show Notes

  • Windows 95 Users? @ 1:15
  • Elasticsearch/Kibana Graphs @ 6:00
  • psadmin Hidden Menu Follow-up @ 11:45
  • 8.56 Release Date @ 13:30
  • Classic Plus @ 16:30
  • Classic UI Support @ 21:15
  • Page Composer @ 28:00
  • Elasticsearch Updates @ 30:30
  • Re-delivering Mobile Expenses Module in Fluid @ 36:15
  • Oracle Cloud Manager @ 38:45
  • Oracle Cloud on Premise @ 39:30
  • Oracle Community Ideas @ 42:30
  • Grading Our OOW Predictions @ 44:00

Thanks to Graham Smith and Javier Delgado for their write-ups and everyone on Twitter who kept us up-to-date.

Sep 16, 2016

This week, Dan and Kyle discuss decommissioning software that isn’t used, PeopleCode documentation pet-peeves and how to start using Puppet before upgrading to 8.55. We end the episode with predictions for OpenWorld 2016.


Show Notes

  • OOW 2016 @ :30
  • Community Benefits @ 1:30
  • Hidden psadmin menu option @ 6:00
  • Elasticsearch Release Date Change @ 8:00
  • Missing Trace Files @ 10:45
  • PeopleTools Delta Projects @ 15:00
  • PeopleCode PeopleTools Check @ 27:15

     #If #ToolsRel >= "8.54" #Then    import PTPN_PUBLISH:PublishToWindow; #End-If 
  • PeopleCode Documentation Pet-Peeve @ 31:45

  • Two Roles for Applying PUM Maintenance @ 35:45

  • Adventures in MOS: UPK Support with 8.55 @ 37:00

  • Decomissioning Software @ 39:00
  • SR to Bug @ 41:30
  • Getting Started with Rundeck and PeopleSoft @ 43:00
  • Getting Started with Puppet before Upgrading to 8.55 @ 44:45
  • OOW 2016 Predictions @ 52:30
Sep 9, 2016

This week Dan talks about his 8.55 Go-Live weekend, simplifying patch download with getMOSPatch, and using Kyle’s Maintenance Backdoor. Then Kyle and Dan discuss strategies and tips to make Go-Live weekends successful.

Show Notes

Sep 2, 2016

This week on The PeopleSoft Administrator Podcast, Dan and Kyle talk about the Stylesheets, Enterprise Manager 13c, and new portal behavior in recent PeopleTools patches. Then, Kyle shares his thoughts about possibly changing Operating Systems.

Show Notes

Aug 26, 2016

This week Kyle and Dan talk about scripting Change Assistant, DPK Patching and how many PeopleSoft customers don’t plan on leaving the platform. The podcast ends with Dan sharing his Oh No! story about Go-Live passwords.

Show Notes

Aug 19, 2016

This week we interview Andy Dorfman. Andy runs PeopleSoft on Windows Core and is an expert with PowerShell for server administration. He was fun to talk to and we learned a lot about running Windows with PeopleSoft.


Show Notes

  • Andy’s Background with PeopleSoft 8 @ 1:45
  • Running PeopleSoft on Windows Core @ 6:00
  • PowerShell vs. DPK @ 10:00
  • Learning PowerShell @ 13:00
  • PowerShell: Invoke-Command @ 14:30
  • Windows Minimal @ 19:30
  • DFS for PS_HOME and more @ 23:30
  • Windows Security @ 30:00
  • OFA and PeopleSoft 32:30 
  • Nginx and Reverse Proxies 37:00
  • Docker and Docker Swarm @ 40:00
  • IPv6 and PeopleSoft @ 46:00
Aug 12, 2016

This week on the podcast, Dan and Kyle talk about PeopleSoft Myths, PowerShell Profiles and more features in Beyond Compare. Then we discuss the “left behind feeling” when hearing what other PS Admin’s are doing.

Show Notes

Aug 5, 2016

This week, Kyle interviews Sasank Vemana about User Interface development in PeopleSoft. Sasank presented at Reconnect and shared some great projects he’s done to improve the UI in PeopleSoft. Dan and Kyle also discuss uploading Customer Data into the PUM and how we arrange our monitors.

Show Notes

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